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We have been supporting the “School of Nations” in Puerto Galera/Philippines since 1997.We endeavour a positive influence with our donations. For this reason we have founded the non-profit association “School of Nations Stiftung e.V.“.

The focus of the association is the education, construction, financing and financial support of schools, orphanages, children’s homes and other facilities for children from needy family backgrounds in third world countries. The construction and maintenance of the school in Puerto Galera is our first charity project.

We are deeply convinced that every help and every donation makes a big difference for the people concerned, and we are happy about every person we can convince to join and help us.

As certified public accountants, tax advisors and lawyers, we have taken a professional oath: We guarantee and are personally liable that every Euro received in the donation account will be forwarded directly to the school in the Philippines without any deduction.

We thank you in the name of the poor people in the Philippines with a heartfelt “Vergelt’s Gott”.

Georg Wengert

1st chairman
School of Nations Stiftung e.V.
School of Nations

Cheryl & John Nepomuceno-Kim

School of Nations

An Association of the Wengert Group

The non-profit association School of Nations Stiftung e.V. was founded by the Wengert Group. Through volunteer work, the group wants to have a positive impact on the lives of needy people in third world countries and encourage other people/companies who live here in Germany to make a donation. Together we can achieve great things!
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