Support the Work of the School of Nations Stiftung e.V. with a Donation!

With our association we support children from needy family backgrounds in the Philippines by building and maintaining the School of Nations in Puerto Galera. These people need urgent support and are hardly in the focus. They live at the edge of the jungle and are not noticed by the public. Through donations we can actively influence the lives of these people and offer them a chance for a better life.

As an association we collect donations and actively help ourselves. We regularly visit “our” project on site and check on its progress. A lot has happened since the beginning of our support in 1997, but there is still a lot to do. All together we stand for a common goal: to improve the living situation of children and young people through education and to pave their way to a better future.

As certified public accountants, tax advisors and lawyers, we have taken a professional oath: We guarantee and are personally liable that every euro received in the donation account will be forwarded directly to the school in the Philippines without any deduction.

Donation Account:

School of Nations Stiftung e.V.
IBAN: DE66692700380090275900
BANK: Deutsche Bank Singen/ Htwl.

The non-profit status of the association is recognized by the tax office, Singen, Germany. Donations to the association are tax deductible; we are certified to issue tax deductible donation receipts.